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As a yoga teacher, you want to live your life with integrity, but you also know that being successful in business is important for supporting yourself and your family.

You are not alone! Many yoga teachers struggle to make their teaching work financially. It’s hard to be mindful of the bottom line when you’re trying to serve others and grow spiritually at the same time.

I’ve been there too, which is why I write books, created powerful video courses and offer coaching for yoga teachers, healers and studio owners. My passion is helping yogis build sustainable businesses without sacrificing our values or quality of service.

These resources will help turn your passion for yoga into a sustainable career while still honoring who you are as an entrepreneur and person.


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Starting a yoga business is easy, but growing that business into something sustainable and profitable can be hard.

10 Essential Ways To Guarantee A Profitable Yoga Business takes the guesswork out of growing your following . Over ten days, you will explore the essentials of building a successful and ethical yoga business.

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  • A massage with Darren is the secret sauce! His hands are magic, strong and warm. The hot stones are an amazing touch. He listens to you and really knows how to deliver a truly welcoming experience.

    Willow L.
  • Darren is ready and equipped to deliver a fantastic massage. Whether you’re looking for something light to relax the body or some deeper work to get out those knots, he’s got you covered. You’ll feel his knowledge of your body and what you need as soon as you get on that table, so get ready for a great experience!

    Laz L.
  • Massage therapy has been a game-changer for me during this pandemic. I was starting to feel really old and tired, and then I started seeing Darren for massage therapy. Everything shifted after the first session – I started to feel like my old self again. The pandemic has been tough on everyone, but Darren's massage therapy has been a huge help for me in managing stress and anxiety. I highly recommend him to anyone in the Berkeley area who is looking for healing and wellness.

    Heidi Jordan
  • Massage Therapy has always been a part of my wellness routine.  As a busy professional, I find that regular Massage Therapy appointments help me to manage stress and pain.  When I first came to Darren, I was struggling with a painful neck injury.  Darren was able to help me heal in just one session.  Now, I have a standing appointment with Darren every week.  His Massage Therapy has helped me to feel my best.  I always leave his office feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Massage Therapy has truly improved my quality of life.

    Jason Matthew
  • I really needed guidance getting my virtual yoga studio going. I had worked with a few marketers and coaches before, but Darren’s knowledge of the industry and proven track record have made working with him infinitely more valuable. I am much more productive, moving towards my goals, with him in my corner.

    Samuel Palmer
    Embody Harmonics
  • After feeling overwhelmed and stuck, I could finally create my website and reservation system, quickly multiplying my social media following and launching my new business. I couldn’t have done it without Darren’s support!

    Ramona Dreager
    Moon River Coaching




Darren Main is a yoga and meditation instructor and author. He facilitates workshops and gives talks on yoga and modern spirituality throughout the United States and abroad and teaches Yoga on the Labyrinth inside San Francisco’s iconic Grace Cathedral. He currently resides in Northern California with his son Jaden.


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