The Psychology of Becoming a Teacher

The Psychology of Becoming a Teacher

Most people think of the ancient practice of yoga as a purely physical one, but anyone who has maintained a deep practice for any length of time knows that the practice is even more intense on the psychological and emotional level.  In this podcast psychologist Marc Rappaport, MFT talks about the experience of becoming a yoga teacher and the profound yet intense psychological and emotional cleansing that so often occurs as a result of such rigorous training.


About Marc
Marc is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA and has been licensed since 2007.  Having worked for the past 11 years in the Community Mental Health system, Marc has seen a diverse population of clients, from children and adolescents, to families and groups, as well as individuals.  This has been a dedication of Marc’s:  helping people to find their strengths and build on them, assisting them in managing their feelings and thoughts, guiding them to resolve crisis and challenges, steering them around pitfalls, and witnessing their journeys every step of the way.


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