Restorative Yoga

Supported Poses, Deep Breathing, Hot Stones & Aromatherapy

Tuesdays | 12:15 PM 
Yoga Tree | 780 Stanyan Street, San Francisco

About Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a very gentle, inward form of yoga in which the body is placed in highly therapeutic postures and supported with  props This triggers a state of relaxation deeper than sleep and shifts the nervos system out of "fight or flight" and into a healing state of  "rest and digest"

All Body Types Welcome

Because it is gentle, it is also a great practice for people working with limitations such as injuries, cancer treatment and heart conditions. 

As with any exercise, chatting with your doctor is suggested, however.

Hot Stones & Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and hot stones are often used to support the healing process. Occasionally a local massage therapist will assist, offering neck, foot and back massage to add an extra treat for our stressed minds and over tired bodies.

The windmill doesn’t try to control the wind or demand that it blow in another direction. It simply surrenders to the wind, and in so doing becomes a source of immense power. The water wheel doesn’t attempt to change the course of the river; it simply surrenders to the flow and allows the power of the river to be expressed through it. Most see surrender as a form of weakness, when in reality, surrender is the source of all true power
—Darren Main
The River of Wisdom:108 Life-Changing Reflections