Remembering Trevor Tice

On Tuesday, shockwaves traveled through the yoga world as news of Trevor Tice’s death arrived on our Facebook walls and in our Twitter feeds.  Those of you who practice at  CorePower Yoga are likely very familiar with Trevor as he founded the chain of studios that began in Denver and quickly opened in cities big and small around the United States.  Currently CorePower Yoga has more than 160 locations.

It would be impossible to overstate the number of people who found yoga because of Trevor’s vision of bringing yoga to the masses in a new and modern way.  There are countless people doing yoga today because CorePower felt safe, familiar and modern.     While the CorePower style of yoga doesn’t speak to everyone, Trevor’s  vision of what a yoga studio could be has had measurable and uplifting effects on the broader yoga community.

On a personal note, Trevor has always been a strong supporter of my work—promoting my books at CorePower and even endorsing one of them. While I didn’t work for CorePower, I have taught workshops at many of their studios.  Trevor always lifted me up, encouraged my work and had my back as a teacher.    I know many yogis around the United States who are the teachers they are today because he believed in them, and gave them a solid platform from which to offer their considerable gifts.

The word yoga means union—and at times like this, it is a helpful reminder that we are first and foremost yogis.  To my fellow CorePower yogis, know that the broader yoga community  is here to support you so please don’t hesitate to lean on us.  Yoga doesn’t happen in yoga studios.  It happens when we join together that which was perceived to be separate.    I hope that the whole yoga community can honor Trevor’s passing by realizing that we are bound together, not by the studio we call home, but rather by the practice itself.

I feel sadness and grief that a fellow yogi has passed but I also feel such joy and gratitude for all he contributed to my life and work and for the community he started that is home to some the most wonderful yogis I know.




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