While many people falsely believe the goal of yoga is to become more flexible, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika teaches us that the goal of Hatha yoga is to prepare us for meditation (raja yoga). When we sit and quiet the mind, the body can rest and heal, and the tight pockets of stress that limit us in life are released.

Sitting in meditation helps quiet what the yoga sutras call “turnings of thought” so that our true nature can reveal itself. This true nature (atman) is characterized by a deep sense of peace and wholeness and our connection to Spirit is more easily recognized.

Sitting still is not easy, however. I offer regular workshops on the practice of mindfulness meditation and my book, Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation, offers a simple, user-friendly introduction to the practice. Please check my events schedule for upcoming workshops and visit my Home Practice page for information on guided meditation recordings to help you develop a regular sitting practice.

Pure silence is within you. It is not just the absence of sound, or lack of noise. It is the ground, the basis of your very being. There is nothing to find out, nothing to get, nothing to prove. Just listen with your whole being to what is here, now. It is the most amazing thing you can ever discover. It is with you now. It is you. The only way to find this is to stop everything else. Everything! Just be!
—Mark McCloskey

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