My Time at Yoga Tree

Tim and Tara Dale came into my life at the perfect moment. I had just found out I was HIV+, a business relationship was ending, and I had just been evicted from my home. I felt rudderless, alone and unsure of my future. Tara and Tim not only offered me a job at this new studio called Yoga Tree, they also offered me their friendship. They helped me transform one of the most hopeless times in my life into one of the most exciting and growth filled times. They stood by me when I adopted my son, recovered from an accident and wrote books. They have been a healing presence in the Yoga Tree community as we grieved the loss of fellow teachers, watched gurus fall from grace, and navigated the ever growing and continually changing yoga industry.

I know I’m not alone in saying that I am the teacher I am today because of faith they had in me. I’m excited for Tim, Tara and their family as they start this new chapter. As the Yoga Tree community integrates into the amazing Yoga Works community I am excited and hopeful, but I believe in my heart that the best of what we bring with us into this new chapter was uncovered and cultivated by Tara and Tim’s vision for what yoga could be and the yogis we could become.

Thank you Tim and Tara for believing in so many teachers, students and healers!