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Because the real adventure begins when you roll up your mat. . .

The first time you rolled out your yoga mat or sat in meditation, you likely felt it. You likely had the sense that this practice is much bigger than you ever could have imagined.

Below are resources to help you take your practice into the whole of life. If you have a question about your yoga and meditation practice, feel free to message me and I will do my best to address it in an upcoming video, podcast or book.

What if LIVING YOGA was more than touching your toes?
What if the real yoga started when you rolled up your yoga mat?
What if yoga made your mind stronger, more flexible and balanced too?
What if your spiritual beliefs were expressed in each breath?
What if standing in your truth was more important than standing on your hands?
What if the breath could help you hold the poses of life?
What if you said Namaste to a stranger and actually meant it?
What if living—truly living, was defined by more than a longevity?
What would your life be like if everyday began with yoga and meditation?
What if your practice reminded you that child pose was once a way of life?
What if true strength was not found in your muscles?

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