A Brief Introduction to A Course in Miracles

A Brief Introduction to A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a three-volume book that offers a complete system of spiritual psychotherapy. It uses familiar Christian terminology to express universal spiritual themes. Unlike much of Christianity, it is more a philosophy such as Vedanta or classical yoga. A Course in Miracles has the sole aim of helping students remove the psychological blocks that prevent us from experiencing love and joy.

The three volumes are the Text, the Workbook and the Manual for Teachers. The Text is the first book in the three-volume series. It is the foundation on which ACIM rests. It is by far the largest portion of A Course in Miracles at 669 pages. It is also the most abstract of the three books. Reading and studying the Text allows the student to understand some of the basic concepts that A Course in Miracles teaches. The Text redefines just about every common Christian term with each of these concepts presented in a new light, devoid of the guilt with which these terms have so often become associated.

The second volume, the Workbook, is a practical expression of the concepts in the Text. It provides 365 daily lessons to train the mind to perceive correctly. It is the tool that is used to “remove the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence”. The Workbook is divided into two sections. The first section works to undo the thought patterns we currently hold. The second replaces those patterns with a more accurate thought system. Over the course of a year, these simple yet profound lessons reshape the way the student thinks. By using these lessons, a new vision of the world is achieved, and the student begins to see through eyes of peace and forgiveness, rather than through the eyes of doubt, fear and prejudice.

The third volume, the Manual, is A Course in Miracles’ way of preparing its students to bring their newfound peace of mind to others. A Course in Miracles states over and over that we are all teachers to each other. Either we teach a message of fear or one of love. The Manual helps us to present a message of love in a clear and direct way. The Manual also includes a Clarification of Terms, which shines light on some of the basic concepts in the Course material.

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