Social Media for Teachers and Healers

The Essential Guide to Growing Your Following without Losing Your Zen

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Whether you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, chiropractor, or psychotherapist, the essence of what you do is rooted in healing, and all healing is about relationships. The modalities may change, but the essence of what we do is to form relationships with those we serve. It is in these relationships that true and lasting healing occurs. Our ability to connect with and deepen relationships with existing and potential students and clients makes social networking a natural fit.
—Darren Main, Social Media for Teachers and Healers: The Essential Guide to Growing Your Following without Losing Your Zen

Social Media doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. In fact, motivating your existing students, clients and patients and reaching new ones takes less than 10 minutes per day when you use the simple yet powerful tools in this book. 

You will learn to quickly build your following on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As you rapidly grow your following, you will learn how to educate, inspire and engage with people in meaningful ways that will keep existing students and clients returning while introducing others to your healing work. 

Best of all, you will learn the secret to doing this with only minutes of your time each week. Whether you work in a Dojo, yoga studio, office or  your home, the simple techniques and hacks in this book hold the power to take your teaching or healing work to the next level.


  • Yoga teachers
  • Clergy
  • Psychotherapists
  • Meditation Instructors
  • Chiropractors
  • Doctors, Nurses & Other Health Care Providers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chi Gong & Tai Chi Teachers
  • Consultants and Personal Coaches
  • Trainers and Fitness Professionals
Amazon Best Seller

You can grow your following and engage with your audience in less than 10 minutes per day!

I look forward to implementing the wealth of tactics this book so readily outlines. With warm honesty and practical approaches, this is a treasure for the modern spiritual entrepreneur.
LeVar Carter
Yoga Teacher
This book helped me understand how, as a new yoga teacher, I can use different platforms in a way that would be fun, time efficient, and consistent with my values and mission to help empower my students.
Trisha Mittal
Yoga Teacher
I have been so resistant to using social media to market my business. Darren’s thoughtfully written book has opened my mind. I didn’t think that was possible!
Katherine Edwards
Yoga Teacher
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