Inner Tranquilty

A Guide to seated Meditation

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Just as a puppy can be trained to follow you and sit when you tell it, the mind can also be trained. But discipline and commitment are needed. Dogs don’t magically become well behaved, and neither do minds. Just as training a puppy takes practice and can be a lot of work, so training the mind is not always easy and the commitment to the training process is long-term. How- ever, the benefits of taking control of the mind will affect every aspect of your life.
—Darren Main, Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation

Going beyond a basic overview to explain how and why meditation works, this manual provides clear instruction on how to create a daily meditation practice, emphasizing how important it is – especially for Westerners who are not used to being still – to sit correctly. By using contemporary examples from his own practice and more than a decade of teaching various meditation techniques, the information is presented in a modern way that is easy to understand, fun, and attainable. Perfect for both novice and seasoned practitioners, these simple techniques help deepen the practice and explore the physical, psychological, and emotional benefits of daily meditation.

You Will Learn:

  • How to sit with ease.
  • A simple yet effective. Meditation technique.
  • How to address common distractions?
  •  The science behind mindfulness meditation.
  • How to create a consistent daily practice.
Inner Tranquility offers straight forward, insightful and authentic guidance into the practice of meditation. If you are a seeker hoping to gain a thorough understanding of meditation based in science, spirituality, psychology and physiology - I highly recommend this book! Inner Tranquility provides a clear and concise explanation of what happens when we meditate." Founder of Anchor Meditation, San Francisco
Kelly Ryan
Founder of Anchor Meditation
Amazon Best Seller

Everyone can learn to meditate—YES, even you!!

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