Missing the Mark

Missing the Mark

Not too long ago I was playing darts with a friend, and, as expected, before we started, we took a couple of practice turns and then started a game.

After the first set, I began to add up my score. “Oh, no,” my friend interrupted, “the only thing that counts is the bull’s-eye.” I looked at him and pointed out that other parts of the target had numerical value, too. But my friend insisted. “If you hit a bull’s-eye, you win. Nothing else matters.”

Seems a bit silly, doesn’t it? But as I realized afterwards, during the week. that I too, was afflicted with an “only the bull’s-eye matters” mentality.

If I couldn’t walk five days a week, why bother with the other three? If I couldn’t sing a solo, why take part in the Choir? If I can’t have the one I love why love others? If I can’t have a full life of joy why bother in having a second of it? But if close doesn’t count, then why has every part of the dartboard been numbered?

So I’m trying harder to find joy while striving for perfection, not just in attaining it. To enjoy the effort, not just the success. Yes, it’s going to take some practice, but I’m determined not to give up.

—Noemi Cardoso