2000 Years Later

Note: I wrote this while I was living in Bozeman, Montana. There had been a rash of hate crimes by “Christians” around that time. This story was my response to that hate. 


Jesus came down off Mount Sacajawea of the Bridger range and entered the city of Bozeman in the state of Montana. As he entered the town, people from the whole of Galitin County came to hear him preach.

Jesus said, “Blessed are you who are oppressed on account of the color of your skin, for your physical appearance is an expression of the Divine.

“Blessed are you who have been told that your path home is wrong and still endured, for your faith has brought rest to a tired world.

“Blessed are you who have found the joy of a loving relationship regardless of your orientation, for your love brings peace to the world.

“Blessed are you who have been driven off the land which God has given you to protect, for your love of the earth shall endure.

“Blessed are you the mothers, daughters, and sisters who have been treated with disrespect, for it is your joy to give birth to the Divine, and bring hope to the future.

“Blessed are you who have not been oppressed, yet felt the pain of seeing your brothers and sisters crucified on my account, for you know what it is to be a child of God.

“But Woe to you who have used the guise of religion to oppress people of color, for you have missed the chance to see the face of God.

“Woe to you who have misused my teachings to lead people from the path of their heart, for in doing so you have become lost.

“Woe to you who have condemned the love of any two people, for you have guaranteed emptiness in your relationships with others as well as with God.

“Woe to you who destroy the earth for worldly treasures, for you have not seen the heavenly treasures which present themselves in the simple beauty that surrounds you.

“Woe to you who have only known women as objects, decorations, and entertainment, for you have denied your own heart the opportunity to be tender, nurturing and loving.

“Woe to you who have called your brothers weak on account of their gentleness, for you have exchanged the power of God for the weakness of mortality.

“O City of Bozeman, remain faithful to what you know to be true. God is within you. Therefore, love the lord your God, and love your neighbor as well as yourself. In this right thinking you will create a community free of hate!”

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