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Book Signing 2.0 – FREE • Talks & Lectures-$150

What if your studio had the opportunity to host a well-known guest teacher without all of the expense and hassle associated with travel?

Hosting a guest teacher at your studio is a great way to inspire your students, excite your teaching staff, and make your teacher training stand out. Thanks to modern technology, you can host an amazing event at your studio using devices and apps that you likely already have. It’s surprisingly easy, affordable and a lot of fun!

Yoga teacher and bestselling author, Darren Main, is now offering an exclusive online distance learning program that includes live meditation as well as a lecture + Q&A for yoga students across the country on any of the broad subjects that he teaches. Based on your studio’s teacher training curriculum, Darren can customize the presentation to suit the unique needs of your students.

Book Signing 2.0!

There was a time when local bookstores would host authors for promotional book signings and talks. Now that more and more books are being purchased online, free author events are getting harder and harder to find. But your studio can still host a book related event at your studio for FREE!

If you host a study group, workshop or training that requires one of Darren’s books, we are happy to set up a remote meet the author event.  These 30-minute events are a great way to bump up attendance in your workshops and trainings, and to help build excitement around discussion groups. 

In fact, your group may qualify for Darren’s books at a deeply discounted rate.

Talks and Lectures
For years Darren Main has been traveling the world offering talks and workshops on yoga, meditation and philosophy.  By using humor, parables and fun pop culture references, these talks are lively, fun and inspiring.

Each 60 minute session includes an inspiring talk on the topic of your choice and time for questions.  Best of all,  you can easily stream the event live or post a recording to your website or Facebook wall to help market your studio or teacher training!

Live Streams and Webinars
If you want to reach a massive audience, you can easily broadcast the event live or we can offer the event in webinar format so that your student can participate without ever having to come to the studio!  This is easy to do and we will provide you with everything you need to host a live stream or webinar in a few simple clicks!


Which Event Is Right for My Community?

Ultimately only you can answer that question.  That said, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

Book Signing 2.0 is very unstructured.  It is more a time for groups who have read one of Darren’s books to ask questions and gain a bit more clarity about the content of the book.  It is a perfect format for book study groups and teacher training groups that require.

Virtual Talks and Workshops are more structured with a specific topic and key learning objectives established ahead of time.  In addition to prepared remarks, there will be time for questions and answers.
Live Streaming is also something to consider.  The upside to streaming the event is that your studio or program could get a sizable online audience that often extends well beyond your established student base.  It is a great opportunity to market your business and brand your studio.    That said, participants might feel uncomfortable sharing or asking personal questions if they know the whole world is watching.    If you want to maintain a feeling of safety and intimacy in your group streaming in not advised.



Cost Duration Event Requirements
FREE 30 Mnutes Book Signing 2.0 10 Participants

Text: At least one of Darren’s books

$150 60 Minutes Virtual Talk/Workshop 8 Participant