Online Webcast • Sunday, January 31, 2016 • 9:00 AM
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India Info WebcastYoga was developed in ancient India where it has evolved for thousands of years into a practice offered in yoga studios, gyms, churches and community centers around the world.  For people whose lives have been changed by this ancient practice, traveling to India can be a powerful experience.

In this free webcast, Darren Main will offer advice for anyone who wants to make this life-changing journey.  Not only will you learn about his annual yoga retreat on the banks of the Ganges River, you will gain valuable tips for visiting India on your own should you want to make the journey without a group.

You Will Learn About:

• Passports, Visas and Travel Documents

• Booking International Flights 

• Travel Within India

• Suggested Vaccines and Travel Medicine

• How to Be Safe and Respectful in India

• How to Plan Extented Travel 

• Eating Safe and Healthy Foods

• Volunteer Opportunities 

• Finding Yoga, Meditation and Ashrams

• Ayruvedic Treatments and Sessions

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