Enlightenmentally Challenged

Blogger Doug Skelton wrote a very funny post about his challenges with meditation and features your truly and my book Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation.  Here’s an excerpt, but you should read the whole post which reads like a David Sedaris essay.

About two weeks later, Tracy and I had just come out of a rare late afternoon Friday yoga class – we typically practice either Monday or Wednesday nights with the same instructor, Darren Main.  Walking out of the class, we hear, “you guys are cheating on me!”  We recognize the voice, turn left and see a smiling Darren.  We share a laugh.  We linger around and chat with Darren for a few minutes.  He was teaching the class after the one we just came out of.  As he heads into the studio to teach his class, T and I continue to hang around the lobby of the studio.  We poke around the bookshelf, checking out some of the titles.  I pull a book off the shelf, then Tracy pulls one off. The book I pull is titled, “Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation” by Darren Main.  The book Tracy pull is titled , “Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic,” also by Darren Main.

Darren pops back into the lobby to grab something he forgot.  We turn to him. “Hey, we’re thinking about buying your books!” we say, excited.

“So I’ve successfully guilt-tripped you into buying my books?  Great!  I have others!”  Darren responds dryly.

I dove into Darren’s book on meditation the very next day.  What struck me immediately was its clarity.  Reading it felt like I picked up “Meditation for Dummies.”  And while it is written for the reader who has no previous knowledge of meditation, it is never condescending or patronizing.  Darren starts out by explaining the different ways to sit, how long to sit, when to sit, a few of the different styles of meditation, and what to do during meditation.  He recommends a thirty-day challenge: 1) Try meditating for twenty minutes a day for thirty straight days.  2) See if you want to continue practicing meditation after those thirty days.  3) If you do want to continue, do another thirty-day challenge.

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