Let Us Not Forsake Our Humanity

Sometimes things happen that makes no sense at all, you ask yourself how can another person willfully hurt another. It is more of a statement of disbelief than a question. All we could hope for is that our collective voice against the inhumanity of the few and that our universal desire to live in a compassionate filled world extinguishes the fire of hatred they have spawned. Let us not forsake our humanity. — Dodinsky

To Look Deeply

To look deeply into the suffering of those who have caused us to suffer is a miraculous gift. Thanks to our observation, we now know that the person is suffering. He may think that his suffering will be lessened if he can cause us to suffer. Once we are in touch with his suffering, our enmity and bitterness toward him will vanish, and we will long for him to suffer less. The spring water of the compassionate mind begins to flow, and we ourselves are the first to be cleansed by it. We feel cool and light and we can smile. We do not need two people to bring about reconciliation. When we look deeply, we become reconciled with ourselves and for us, the problem no longer exists. Sooner or later, the other will see out attitude and share in the freshness of the stream of love which is flowing naturally in our heart.
—Thich Nhat Hanh