HIV=AIDS?: A Civil Discussion

HIV/AIDS denialists, sometimes called  AIDS Dissidents or AIDS Re-Thinkers, are a very small but vocal group of scientists, researchers, activists, and journalists who question the causal link between HIV and AIDS. Because I have been featured in several documentaries about HIV that have a decidedly ‘Dissident’ editorial slant. I get a lot of emails about my own views on the so called AIDS Dissident Movement. My personal view is that a variety of factors or cofactors affect the health of an HIV+ individual, but HIV is the primary cause of AIDS and there is over thirty years of research to back this up. more »

The Miracle: A Reflection On My Life Since Testing HIV+

By Darren Main I waited on hold nervously—my index finger still a bit tender from where I had pricked it a few days earlier I had used “mail-in HIV tests” in the past without incident. The process was rather simple: prick your finger, rub a blood sample on a card and mail it to the lab.  A few days later, a robotic voice  on the other end of the phone would ask for the unique serial number associated with my test kit, and then, after confirming the digits several times, the metallic voice would inform me that I was HIV more »

I Just Tested Positive, Now What?

If you just tested HIV positive, you are probably freaking out. The weeks and months that follow that news can be very disorienting. There are all new questions to answer for yourself. Questions about dating, whom to tell and what to do to keep yourself healthy are all new. The following are points to consider as you begin this new leg of your journey. In time you will learn to live with HIV and to have a wonderful and productive life. For now, just allow yourself to take things slowly. 1. Take a deep breath and try to relax. You more »

Nutrition & Supplements for HIV

Everyone needs proper nutrition to be healthy including macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  HIV+ people, however, need to pay special attention to nutrition so as to support the immune system an help detoxify the body.  Generally speaking, one should be able to get ample amounts of nutrition from a diet rich in whole foods, but given the high staks associate with not getting enough of a given nutrient, adding supplements is often a good insurance policy. Below is a list of supplements that may be helpful in supporting your body’s efforts to stay healthy with HIV and to help counter some more »

Living Well with HIV: A Ten-Point Plan

By Darren Main Develop a meditation practice. The first thing I recommend a person do when they test HIV+ is to meditate. If they don’t know how, I teach them or recommend that they learn from someone in their area. The mind can be the greatest enemy or the greatest ally in the quest for health. Learning to quiet the ego mind will help a person make more rational decisions about their health, their diet and their future, while at the same time giving the body the space it needs to find balance and wholeness. Meditation is really the foundation more »

HIV & The Mind-Body Connection

By Darren Main • Fall 2000 For many, the mind and body are two distinctly different and separate forces. For them they co-exist peacefully at best. At worst they are at odds with each other, in strong conflict. In either case, there is a strong tendency to see them as separate with each having little or no effect on the other. In this column, I suggest we take a look at a more holistic view of healing by recognizing connections between the mind and the body. In this model, the mind and body are not seen as separate but rather more »

HIV Treatments: An Interview with Jon Kaiser, M.D.

By Darren  Main • Spring 2001 NOTE:  Because this interview was conducted in 2001, standard treatments for HIV  have changed and evolved.  Please consider that as you read this article.  Please consult your physician or contact Dr. Kaiser directly for the most up-to-date treatment options available if you our someone you know is HIV+. Over the past few weeks, my email box has been flooded with questions about HIV treatment in response to the U.S. Government’s new recommendation that people with HIV wait to start Antiretroviral cocktails.  As a result, more and more people are interested in learning ways to keep their more »

Hepatitis B Vaccines: Are They Safe?

by Darren Main • Summer 2001 Darren, I like your articles on, as I am a strong believer in holistic health. I exercise regularly, including doing yoga, I am trying acupuncture, and I go to a naturopathic doctor (who is not gay). I did go for full medical recently (at an allopathic doctor), and came back with excellent results. However, I tested negative for Hepatitis B and have not been vaccinated, and the doctor recommended that I consider Hepatitis B vaccine (he, like me, is a gay man). My Naturopathic doctor (who is not gay) said he normally would more »