VIDEO: Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation

Watch the Video Series on Conscious 2 In this hour long course, meditation teacher Darren Main shares how to set up and engage a regular seated meditation practice. Using relatable analogies and personal stories, he artfully explains why it is so important to include this ancient practice in a modern lifestyle. If you have ever wanted to try meditation but were confused by all the different techniques, or felt bewildered as you sat down on the cushion, this short course is the perfect introduction that explains why you should even care about meditating, how to physically set up the posture, more »

What is Atman?

Understanding the True Self or Atman is fundamental to living as a yogi. The atman is the unchanging part of who we are that is characterized by uninterrupted joy and bliss. In this video, Darren explains Atman. Please consider supporting this video series Darren’s books are available on Amazon Find more great Living Yoga videos and podcasts HERE.

Yoga and Mindful Politics

Subscribe on YouTube NOTE: This episode was filled just before the November 2016 Election in the USA. Is it possible for a yogi to be politically involved? Can a yogi be a force for change in this world without losing one’s center? In this episode we will explore the practice of mindful involvement in the political system and how to maintain your equanimity when things don’t go the way you like. Darren’s books are available on Amazon: Find more great Living Yoga videos and podcasts at

Healthy Teacher-Student Relationships

Free Online Course for Yoga Alliance Member Watch Now Darren Main, E-RYT 500, explores the unique – and often misunderstood – relationship between yoga teacher and student on an emotional and psychological level. Learn tips for creating a safe, supportive space to take students deeper into their practices.