The Snuggly Hug

By Darren Main Note:  I wrote this essay for the Family Builders Adoption Agency Newsletter.  It is because of Family Builders that I an now a father! Tears poured down my face.  I guess it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise, but for whatever reason, I didn’t see it coming.  The day was sunny and warm and I was having a Snow White sort of morning—I woke to a “snuggly hug” from my son, I bounced around the house preparing for the big day, enjoyed a beautiful bike ride through the park and half-expected a bluebird to land on more »

Enlightenmentally Challenged

Blogger Doug Skelton wrote a very funny post about his challenges with meditation and features your truly and my book Inner Tranquility: A Guide to Seated Meditation.  Here’s an excerpt, but you should read the whole post which reads like a David Sedaris essay. About two weeks later, Tracy and I had just come out of a rare late afternoon Friday yoga class – we typically practice either Monday or Wednesday nights with the same instructor, Darren Main.  Walking out of the class, we hear, “you guys are cheating on me!”  We recognize the voice, turn left and see a smiling Darren.  We more »

Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Reprinted from  One week into his second tour of duty, U.S. Marines Sgt. Hugo Patrocinio was wounded by a suicide bomber who drove a dump truck stocked with 1,000 pounds of explosives into a house in al-Anbar, on the outskirts of Fallujah. He had been attacked before, hurt before, but this time Patrocinio was just 20 feet from the explosion. He would eventually recover from the wounds — the shrapnel in his foot and leg, the severe concussion — but the psychological injuries lingered. His nights were soon crowded with re-runs of the bombing that injured 10 other platoon members. more »

SF Guardian Highlights Darren’s Work with the LGBT Community

MAIN MAN by Mark B. San Francisco Bay Guardian  “I go to India at least once a year and, you know, it’s so funny,” charismatic local yoga teacher Darren Main told me over the phone, in his almost-preternaturally calm, soothing voice. “And pretty much everyone I went to see said something along the lines of, ‘You live in San Francisco, that’s where all the action is at. Teach me something.’ And I’m like, “I came all this way — you’re supposed to be teaching me! “But we’ve become such a hub of yogic innovation and transformation, that I do honestly think the world now looks to us for the more »

Bay Guardian Highlights Darren in List of Famous Bay Area Teachers

Congratulations to Janet Stone, Jane Austin, Les Leventhal, Pete Guinosso, Mark Morford, Pradeep Teotia, Rusty Wells and Stephanie Snyder who are also featured. -DM   DARREN MAIN: SPIRITUAL AND SINCERE by Emily Appelbaum  • SF Bay Guardian Though he’s definitely made a student or two sweat, Darren truly shines when teaching restorative sessions — especially his donation-based Tuesday night practices in the cavernous Grace Cathedral, coupled with live music like Sam Jackson’s exquisite chorus of a dozen Tibetan singing bowls. The temptation may be not to take Darren seriously: sometimes he slips into that same ethereal quality of voice he uses more »

Journey of Love

ContentsJourney of Love CONCURRENT PLANNING AND THE JOY OF PARENTHOOD A single dad’s journey of loveThe following interview recently appeared in the Family Builders quarterly newsletter. The piece talks about my journey through the adoption process.  In the original article, my son’s name was changed to ‘Joey’ in an effort to protect his privacy. —- Journey of Love CONCURRENT PLANNING AND THE JOY OF PARENTHOOD A single dad’s journey of love Darren Main is a single, gay man who lives in San Francisco. He is both an author and a yoga teacher, though these days, he spends most of the more »

Pranic Breathing

Advanced Breathwork for the Modern Yogi By Darren Main Here in the West the primary focus on yoga is physical with most of the styles falling under the umbrella of Hatha yoga.  Hatha yoga is really a blending of two larger styles of yoga, Kundalini, which focuses on the energy body and classical yoga (Ashtanga or Raja Yoga) which is rooted in the Eight limbs outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.   In classical yoga there are eight limbs in total, but the defining quality in a Hatha practice is its use of the third and fourth limbs, asana more »